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Paper Clip Loom with Eileen

Published on January 30, 2013 by in
When: Back to Calendar » March 23, 2013 @ 10:30 am - 2:30 pm
Where: The Bead Hive
Instructor: Eileen or Chantelle
All Levels

Lucky us! Judy Walker has agreed to allow me to teach her wonderfully innovative PAPER CLIP LOOM class! Judy was here in October of 2011 and taught this loom class for us, and it was WONDERFUL. It is so easy, quick, fun – and best of all, there are only a few warp threads to weave in when you are finished. You can do a bracelet that would take hours in peyote or brick stitch in just an evening. There is a program available on line that allows you to convert almost any picture into a bead loom pattern. I did promise Judy that everyone in the class will buy their loom from her (it’s only fair – and the only way to get one!), plus at least one pattern to use in class. The loom is $65 (that includes the shipping), which may seem like a lot, but you are sure to get your money’s worth out of it many times over. So come on, learn to create wonderful, colorful pieces the fun and easy way. And – you don’t have to pay $90 for the class! As with all of my classes, this one will cost only $6.50 plus your beads! It is suitable for just about all levels of beaders, you don’t have to experienced to learn it. It’s pretty much a win-win-win class!


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